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3 réponses à “Contact”

  1. Steven MacQueen dit :

    Did you used any special training methods to develop your ability to slackline blindfold? I notice on the web you gave a talk about this. Your achievements are an inspiration. Thanks

    • admin dit :

      Hi, this website is still in development, I don’t think Théo saw this comment but I will transfer the message 😉
      He will respond to you in few days 😉
      But can I ask you how you get to his website ? We haven’t share the link yet so it’s simple curiosity ^^

    • Théo Sanson dit :

      Hello Steven,
      im currently working on releasing the website, i ll write something quick about it.
      Later i ll explain more in details how you should focus, what you need to « train »
      Thanks for your compliment, soon you will discover more about blindline.

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