Highlining 170m…easy

I never thought i could say something like that in my life…well to be frank…i never tought i could do something as hardcore as crossing a highline after my climbing accident…

Life have some mysterious ways to say hello and offers you a new chance.

Lets come back to this story. Here we are in the Natural games, probably the biggest outdoors sports gathering in France.

As usuall slack.fr organizes everything related to slackline wich is a small part of the festival.

This year i was stocked about the trickline competition « l’open Damien Mercier » (video).

The final was already super impressive last year but it we all knew who was gonna win…this year it was trully awesome.

Mickey and Louis sent some tricks that i had never seeen landed before…a big thanks for the show.
But this meeting is also about highlining and after my twitsted ankle last year i was looking for a monster highline.
After a day i found exactly what i was looking for : 170m of highline on trees…YEAH A TREELINE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe one day i ll take the time to describe what you can feel and think for those long crossing, but not today.

Today its just a small article to say CONGRATZ to Danny and Nathan who both sent the line…saying it was easy.

And its not because they are super strong (they trully are but still)  its because the moonwalk, the lightest and cheapest hightech fiber webbing is super easy to walk on.
There was also waterlines in the village, maybe you wont trust me but for those who tried they know : this 60m waterline with double kill bill was harder that the 170m highline.

So here is a personnal  think about those 2 facts : the moonwalk is awesome for highlining (50m+) and if you need to train on the ground you can get a kill bill.



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