Highlining 170m…so hard

After slack.fr get us our special 600m of moonwalk Nathan and i went to millau to train and set upa nice 170m highlines (all natural anchors) and it felt pretty easy (article)

After we crossed this line for the Natural games at Millau (gorges du boffi)…i never tought we could have such a hard time on the same lenght in « les gorges du Verdon ».

Pic by Lola Seyller

When Nathan (Paulin) crossed the Millau line, he felt it was such an easy line that he turned and tried to send it the other way  without even rest…here in Verdon he couldnt even do 30m after days of tries.
I really wonder how Jerry, Danny, Julian, Alex,…would be on such highlines.

Some people says highlining is an extreme sport…in Sordidon’s Circus you become really aware about the outdoor dimension and understand what it feels like to struggle not only against your primal fears but also and i would say especially against the weather, the sun, the wind, the mighty frightening shadows of vultures flying above you,…

So many things are going trough your head when you try such a long highline…music can help a lot…or give you an harder time than before…depending on the situation

Pic by Stéph Silvestri
Pic by Stéph Silvestri

This time it brokes Nathan’s moral and he gave up after one week…Next time he will crush it.

After this week spent here, i knew i could cross it but i was exhausted and i needed something to regain strenght and motivation.

So i rigged a 100m highlines on full polyester set-up with around 1,5Kn of tension and i onsighted it.

My best onsight so far.

Nice way of switching point of view and a nice idea about focusing point.

Pic by Stéph Silvestri
Pic by Stéph Silvestri

After two days of rest and the storm approaching it was now or never…well now or next time 🙂

I wish you could have seen when i took away my old glasses because of the low light and my hearphones because it was 20mins of the same songs…if i didnt the wind and my mind would have make me fall and RAGE !!!

Number wise:
We tried different tensions and set ups and what we can say after some measurements on a whip (leashfall) in the middle of the highline the tension didnt get higher than 10kn.
Tension was usually about 2 or 3Kn. When a slackliner was on the middle it went up to 4 to 5Kn and for a whip around 8Kn.
We didnt try to get the tension to 10Kn before taking a whip because the moonwalk is very expensive and we dont want to damage it… BECAUSE we want to send a 300m highline with this piece of webbing

If you rode the full articles then you will see that we are pussies and we always make up excuses because a 4 year old guirl went on this line and as she said : « im not affraid »

Pic and daughter of Stéph Silvestri

Do you think she lied?

Hope you enjoyed this article and you will follow next ones.

Keep it slack.


Pic by Stéph Silvestri

If you want to see more Pictures of Stéph Silvestri its here.


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