Highlining in Verdon… respect rules and regulations if you want to keep rigging there

Some of the readers, slackliners, highliners may have noticed that the situation is quite tense about slacklining lately.

Maybe because a lot of medias are speaking about it, as well as commercials,…wich has done bad reputations to our kind but also and mainly because of us.

Also there was some pretty bad accidents in parcs wich led to death…seeing this  autorithies have choosen to make rules or to simply forbid the sport.

Les gorges du Verdon makes no exception about it.

During the summer we had daily visits of policemen, ecoguard, and various people checking and informing about the situation.

Please before you spread a rumor on anything be sure its true and have a proof about it.

For exemple the mayor of Aiguines has taken an « arrêté » wich does not allowed to put « filins » (of course he means slackline) on the city and by extension les gorges.

arrêté Aiguines
Arrêté de la commune d’Aiguines

Prefet of departemant 83 and 04 want to take an arrêté to forbid slackliking in a much larger area.

After some meetings, negociations, files,…it will probably not happen if you respect some rules:

All the rules of the Natural Parc of course : no fire, no camping, no animals, (no drilling),…

But if you want to go highlining in « les gorges du Verdon » you have to ask the permission at least 8 days before, just send your request at :


You mention how many days  you want to stay here, how many people there will be and wich lenght you want to set up, and dont use the climbers anchors.

Please be very carefull on the security, no ratchets, use rope as back-ups, protects your spansets, make good equalization, always triple check what you’ve done,…etc…

If you use the master point technique it means you perfectly know how to do it, a mistake on this kind of set up is much more dangerous than the classic separate slackline and back-up.

Highline Sordidon (7)
« Trees are stronger than bolts » right side anchor

A topo should be edited asap. With the anchors used for highlining :

Highline Sordidon (11)
« flying upon a vulture nest » right side anchor


The rope jumpers, professionnal moviemakers, Tvshows, and flyingdrummers are not welcome anymore.

An autorisation to do such things is compulsory and should be asked to the mayor of the city.

Meanwhile the slackline community is trying to create his own rules and regulations by creating ISA (international slackline association).

Frenchies are also in a good way to do so.

I hope things will get better and at least not get worse.

If you need more infos just comments on the article below or contact me via  facebook

Next article will talk about Highlines and helicopters issues.

Keep on slacklining



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