Going to Iran is something that i wanted to achieve since a long time.

Among all the reasons possibles, the main one was : EVERY occidental (thanks to the international politics and medias) are affraid of this country and the religion behing it.

I needed to go and check it with my eyes.
What i discovered there is a wise population and also a wonderfull rainbow after the tempest

Here is a bunch of photos:

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le sol a disparu
le ciel est bleu

544663_550176028341312_691853372_n 396208_550167081675540_724660416_n  134761_418266841573459_1785213007_o 134511_418266111573532_1307891732_o theo 919_419725048094305_1381727141_n 52737_418263794907097_1614184777_o 54671_550176035007978_1737542575_o 57476_419725051427638_322393759_o

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